My Projects

Prototype of Tubestar android app (Software Engineer Internship at UCL Software Engineering Research Group). Assist Londoners in their stressful everyday life by allowing them report incidents concerning TFL underground services and learn about anything that is going on before official announcements.

Unsupervised Learning Approaches to Intention Recognition (Imperial College London Master's thesis). Assist elderly people with dementia or Alzheimer's

disease carry out their daily routine by predicting their intentions of performing a task or an activity, given activations of specific sensors in a smart home setting.

Smoking reduction android app - SmokingLess28 (UCL Bachelor's thesis). Help people all over the world reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke per day and eventually quit. Also, associate smoking habit with smokers' moods (happy/stress) and bring them awareness concerning their behaviour by means of providing them analytics in the form of charts.

HealthyOffice: Mood recognition at work using wearables (Research Internship at Toshiba Telecommunication Research Laboratory, UK). Train machine learning algorithms to learn and predict individuals' mood, given physiological and accelerometer data from wearable devices. Propose a framework for utilising this knowledge to help employees cope with stressful work environments.